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Bill McCloud has been teaching American history since 1974 and is a three-time Teacher of the Year. His first book, WHAT SHOULD WE TELL OUR CHILDREN ABOUT VIETNAM? (University of Oklahoma Press), was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award. All of his Vietnam War papers have been purchased by the main library at Harvard University. Dozens of his Vietnam War poems are part of the official curriculum in both English and American History classes at the University School of Milwaukee, WI, one of the nation's leading private college-preparatory schools. His new book, THE SMELL OF THE LIGHT (Balkan Press), consists of 106 poems that cover, chronologically, his year in Vietnam. He's a 2017 Woody Guthrie Poet and is an adjunct professor of American history at Rogers State University. He lives in Pryor, OK, where a Little League baseball field has been named in his honor.

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